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Ladakh, the land of jagged peaks and barren landscape is at once alluring and awe-inspiring. Hidden behind this harsh and forbidding façade is an ancient civilization and a captivating people. With its unaltered character and overwhelming natural beauty Ladakh beckons the more intense and adventurous of travelers. The awesome wilderness and magic can only belong to this great land of towering mountains and Buddhist simplicity.

With the great Indus flowing right through Ladakh, the province is divided into Leh, the capital Nubra, Zanskar, lower Ladakh and Rupshu. The many distinctive features of Ladakh are its uplands, craggy, barren cliffs and plateaus. Governed by a climate that provides about 50 mm of rainfall each year, Ladakh is cold and dry.

The Ladakhi festival, which is organized on a large scale is a regular tourist event, which is
held in Leh every year. It showcases the traditional dances, sporting skills and handicrafts with a lot of pomp and fan fare, and should not be missed. Ladakh offers excellent opportunities for adventure tourism. You can go river rafting in the highest location for the sport in the world along the 26-kilometers stretch from Phey to Nimo along the mighty Indus River. Ladakh’s
high altitude and mountains make it an ideal spot for mountaineering, trekking and river rafting. Besides the astoundingly beautiful landscapes and the alluring wide open cold deserts, the other most fascinating feature of Ladakh is the centuries old Ladakhi culture that has still managed to retain to retain its simplicity.


high asia ladakh tour and travels
Leh Palace

high asia ladakh tour and travels
Shanti Stupa


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