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Due to the mountainous terrain, Ladakh is cut through by valleys and river systems creating smaller sub-regions. These subregions have substantial contrasting geographic and climatic conditions and that has its impact on the life and livelihood of the inhabitants. Thus all the regions of Ladakh reflects their own identity. Each forms an ethnic cluster with varied dialect and custom. Broadly and roughly, on the Northern side is the Nubra valley almost parallel to Indus valley, on eastern side is the high-altitude plains of Changthang, on southern side is the secluded valley of Zanskar and to the west is the valley of Lower Ladakh, greener, warmer and the cusp of Ladakhi culture. some of the main regions of Ladakh:

Nubra valley


Sham valley




high asia ladakh tour and travels

View of Leh
from Shanti Stupa




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