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Buddhism is the dominant religion in Ladakh and the monasteries play an important social role. Each monastery is distinct from the others and attractive in its unique way, and it may belong to the Mahayana sect or the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. Most of these monasteries or gompas are precariously perched on lone rocks or craggy mountain faces. Valuable works of art like thangkhas, masks, musical instruments of a typical kind and various precious figurines can be found in the gompas.

The important Monasteries or Gompas of Ladakh are:

Basgo Gompa
Chemre Gompa
Hemis Gompa
Lamayuru Gompa
Likir Gompa
Matho Gompa
Phyang Gompa
Sankar Gompa
Shey Gompa
Spituk Gompa
Stakna Gompa
Stok Gompa
Tak Thok Gompa
Thiksey Gompa


high asia ladakh tour and travels
Lamayuru monastery

high asia ladakh tour and travels
Thiksey monastery


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