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Open up for tourist only in 1994, the Nubra valley is situated to the north of Leh across Ladakh range which is crossed via Khardong-la, the highest motorable road in the world. To the north the valley is walled by the mighty Karakoram range. The valley of Nubra is narrower than the Leh, with wide plain river-bed, through which the river Shayok flows meandering. The river-bed where the Shayok and the Nubra (a tributary of Shayok flowing from Siachen glacier) mingle, forms the largest plain with thick luxuriant growth of Hypophae bushes. The two rivers then together flow westward, to ultimately enter Pakistan. The valley is also on a lower altitude than Leh, therefore it is warmer than Leh. In these bushes, you find the double humped camel, a semi-domestic Bacterian camels.

Administratively Deskit is the headquarter of Nubra Block. The monastery is situated picturesquely to the east of the town, quite high and isolated on a hill, facing the village. Couple of kilometer from Deskit to the west is Hunder, which also has a historic monastery. Between the two villages below the main road is a nice patch of picturesque sand dunes which remind you of a desert, but just along the dunes, you’ll find plenty of green pasture with water from Shayok meandering. A photo here with the sand dunes with lush green pastures in parallel and with snow capped mountains in the background will perhaps be the only juxtaposing natural combinations you may find anywhere. On the other side of the river is the villages-Tirith, Sumur, Chamshen, Panamic. There is a beautiful monastery at Sumur. Panamik, the last point for a tourist, has a natural hot spring.

It was from Nubra valley that a route, traversing two major passes in the Karakoram range, connected Kashgar, on the famous Silk Route.

NUBRA CIRCUIT: Leh-Nubra (Deskit 3215m) 112 km: The Leh-Nubra circuit will give the opportunity to claim to have passed through the world’s highest motorable road-pass, Khardong-La 5602 m. Leh to Khardong La (pass) is only about 39km, but its all way uphill and may become 2 hrs drive at the most. About half-way, known as South Pulu (4650m), there is a check post for the ‘inner-line permit’ where you need to register yourself. From the top the rest is down hill all the way to Nubra valley. 14 km from top is the North Pulu (4550m), another check post and necessary registration formalities. 19km further is the first village known as Khardong, there is nothing much to see, a small tea stall may be there. Further 24km is village Khalsar (3235m), right on the bank of Shayok. At Khalsar there are some petty restaurants and hotels. From Khalsar the road goes along the Shayok river and just couple of kilometers ahead the road bifurcates. The road on the right (straight) leads to Panamik (hot spring 3220m) via Sumur (3145m), while the road to left is to Deskit and Hunder (3255m).

Hunder: Hunder is only few kilometers from Deskit. The main road runs from the side of the village along the base of the mountain, but visitors are not allowed to cross the bridge. Just before the bridge, on the right side is the Gonpa. There is another parallel road from Deskit to Hunder, below the main road, passing along the green streams and the sand dunes. No market.

Sumur: Sumur is located on the other bank of the Shayok, opposite Deskit and is the largest village on this side. Sumur and Teger are adjacent villages and access to Sumur Samstanling gonpa is from Teger. Sumur and Teger have some pety shops.
Panamik info: The last point on this bank, is not an impressive village, but famous for its Hot Spring.

Turtuk: was opened to tourists last year and is the last village on the Indian border. The village is quite interesting and the drive is a pleasure.


high asia ladakh tour and travels
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