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Stok Kangri Expedition

Mentok Kangri Expedition









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Day 1: Leh – Stok – Mankarmo
In the morning we transfer by jeep to Stok village which lies immediately south of Leh, on the other side of the Indus valley, Here there is a royal palace, where the recently crowned young Ladakhi King lives, and there is also small museum which contains religious artifacts and ceremonial clothing belonging to the royal family. There is time to look around the palace and monastery at Stok before lunch and then we begin our walk-in to Stok Kangri with an easy 2 hour trek. Even so close to the Indus valley we are already in a high and wild area which is visited only by climbing groups and by the local people who spend some of the summer months in picturesque villages of stone huts, from where they tend their flocks of sheep and goat.( Above 6000 Mtrs we have to book the summit through the IMF Branch office at leh)

Day 2: Mankarmo – Base camp
A four hour trek takes us up to the base camp area for Stok Kangri. The very pleasant campsite is on a grassy area beside a number of Mel water streams. In the afternoon we can walk above our camp for views of the surroundings peaks: Stok Kangri (c.6150m), Golep Kangri, Parcha Kangri and many others.

Day 3: Base Camp – Advance Base Camp
A rest and acclimatization day to make sure that the group are feeling ready to make the ascent of Stok Kangri . The group will make the half-four climb up to the pass at 5000 meters above our camp, possibly taking the climbing hardware which can be cached at the passed in preparation for the followings day's climb.

Day 4 & 5: Summit Days
We have allowed two days for the ascent, to try to give everyone a chance of climbing the peak. This will also allow for contingencies such aspoor weather etc. Depending on the fitness of the group, we will either go for a one day ascent from our base camp, or choose to establish a high camp, from which we can make the summit push on the following day. Much of the climb involves walking across scree and boulder slopes, which are likely to be bare of snow by the time of our trip, unless there has been un seasonal snow - fall. The final part of the climb will involve the use of crampons and ice-axe on snow slopes up to about 35 degrees. Although this is note a technically demanding climb, at an altitude of over 6000 meters peaks in Tibet to the north-east, and including a bird's eye view of the Indus valley and Leh below us to the north. If we manage to climb the peak on the first day, there may be opportunity to attempt one of a number of other easy peaks above our base camp.

Day 6: Summit – Mankarmo – Stok –Leh
From our base camp, we will descent directly to the upper reaches of Stok village, with its fields of barely and buckwheat. We meet our jeeps at Stok, for the back to Hotel in Leh.


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